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"it's all about the journey, not the outcome"

The practice of sport is good for the health and development of children. The benefits they get from an early age are for the rest of their lives, both physical and mental.

The club atlètic Igualada, like other schools, adapts the different disciplines within athletics by categories according to age, and each category has a different training system.

The best way to learn is playing.

We all like to win. seen in this way, of all the athletes who participate in a competition, only the first one can win. We can think that the vast majority of athletes are losers. So, why practice a sport in which the possibility of losing is so great? This is the big question we are going to solve: everything depends on the journey, not the result.

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A documentary made by all and for all.

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"It's all about the journey, not the result".

Who makes this documentary possible?

Nuria Martín is the executive producer. Directed by Francec Esteban
MW Productions
Project producer
Davinia Burgos will be in charge of making the documentary available everywhere.
Ojos Abiertos
Distribution company
Our friend Óscar Barberán puts his great voice in the narration.
Polford studios
Documentary Narration
jason shaw is the music composer
musical composition

Direction and production

Francesc Esteban
Nuria Martín
Equip tècnic
He created mw montweb digital marketing at the end of 2019 together with Nuria. Since then, he has completed (carried out es correcto pero menos formal) numerous audiovisual projects. This is his first time in the world of documentary filmmaking.
Francesc Esteban
direction and artistic production
co-founder of mw montweb marketing digital, where she has done numerous jobs as a webinar presenter and promotional work. As an entrepreneur, she has no problem launching new projects like this one.
Nuria Martín
Executive production
Behind the cameras is a team of people who make this documentary a reali
technical staff
who makes it possible
take part

We want to make a documentary by all and for all.