"It's all about the jorney, not the outcome"

From MW productions we are starting a project about Athletics School of Club Atlètic Igualada whos will be the main protagonist.


very soon will be available this web site where you will have all kind of information about the process of creation, production, recordings, making of, etc…

do you want to participate?

Participate in the documentary with opinions or points of view as an athlethe or athlethe’s  family member, instructor or coach, professional related to the world of sport such as a masseur, physiotherapist, physical education teacher, sports psychologist, etc.

Briefly explain what you would like to contribute to info@totdependelviatge.cat and we will contact you. cheer up!!!

Dossier (catalan)

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For any questions, we are at your disposal  info@totdependelviatge.cat


idea and direction – Francesc Esteban (mw produccions)

Executive production – nuria martín (mw produccions)

distribution – davinia burgos (ojos abiertos films)

narration – óscar barberán (poldford)

Photograhy – Andrew Jiménez

English translation – Noelia barco

Illustration – Ivet Amaro

music (tentative trailer) – “resolve” – joel cumins

music – jason shaw (audionautix)


“it’s all about the jorney, not the outcome”

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